Trinity Church is now meeting on Sunday afternoons at 4 p.m. at a local venue in Crook of Devon / Rumbling Bridge.
If anyone is interested in coming along to a gathering, please message on this page or contact Jerome on 07483 873 094.
This Sunday, 13th January, we will be returning to our journey through the Gospel of John and the story of the Woman caught in adultery – an extraordinary insight into the grace and compassion of God and a story that holds a mirror up to our humanity.
Worth exploring together.

Why Trinity?

Oddly enough, there are three reasons:

  1. The God we worship: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Forever in union, forever One. As God relates to others and Himself, so we want to relate well with others and live in supportive community.
  1. We seek to draw followers of Christ from three counties: Clackmannan, Kinross & Fife.

We seek to serve God in three ways:

  • By holding a gathering of Christians every Sunday, to worship God and to encourage one another;
  • By having mid-week gatherings, where people can feel comfortable in sharing their faith and ideas, encourage one another and learn more about God; and
  • By supporting, our friends where ever they are and whatever they are doing.

‘Trinity’ has to be the right word for this sort of thing.

Welcome to the Trinity Church webpage. We hope that you find something in here about who we are and what we do, and we also hope that you will find something here that will help you in your search and in your faith.